Best Ways To Keep Your Hair Out Of Your Face

I wanted to share with you a few different ways I style my hair when I just want it up or out of my face. Anyone else feel this way sometimes? When your hair is either just not working that day (hello bad hair day) or you just need it off your face. Well I think I feel like this more often than not and over the years I’ve come up with some ways to get my hair out of my face yet still have a polished and put together hairstyle. So, here are my best ways to keep you hair out of your face.

BRAID IT BACK: This is definitely my go to option when putting my hair back. I’ve been doing this for many years now (thank you Lauren Conrad for starting this trend). Once you’ve mastered a standard french braid, than you should have no problem doing this. Trust me it’s a lot easier than it looks! I love braiding my hair back like this and I find it’s also a great way to pull your hair in to a low bun. If you’re feeling up to it, than try a different take on this and do a fishtail braid instead.

WEAR A FUN HEADBAND: I have a few headbands in my drawer and love reaching for them when I really want all of my hair out of my face. I admit it too, this always makes me feel slightly like Blair Waldorf, and that’s never a bad thing right? There are so many cheap options out there for fun headbands (think Forever 21). Some of my favourites are ones with flowers, bows or fun patterns and colours.

USE A PRETTY CLIP: I came across this beautiful bow clip at Henri Bendel a few months back and have been incorporating it in to my hairstyles ever since. This is definitely the easiest way to pull your hair back. Simply grab a small section from the front and clip it back. I love using a fun clip instead of plain bobby pins, since it adds a little something extra.

PUT IT IN A PONYTAIL: I think this is probably everyones go to style for getting your hair up and it definitely is the most effective. There’s nothing better (especially in the hot summer) than having all your hair up, off your neck and out of your face. I usually switch between two ponytail styles, the one pictured above or I go back to my cheerleading roots and do a very high ponytail.

TRY A TWIST: This is another long time style of mine and I started doing it because it was a quicker way to achieve the look of braiding my hair back. When I’m in a rush or dare I say it my hair isn’t the cleanest, this is the perfect way to get your hair out of your face. I love the way a twist looks and it can easily be done to both sides to really get your hair back. Like the braid above this is also another style that goes great with a low bun.

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