Tips For Throwing A Bridal Shower

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A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of throwing a bridal shower for my sister. As part of my maid of honours duties, and well because I love planning parties, I jumped at the chance to throw her a shower. As I began thinking about this task a few months prior I suddenly realized that I had actually never attended a bridal shower (cue a bit of a panic attack). Luckily, with the help of some of her bridesmaids and Pinterest I was able to come up with and execute what I thought to be a lovely event one Sunday afternoon. When the day arrived for the shower, I was so glad to see that the sun was shining and it was a beautiful April day. Although this shower went off without any problems, I realized I had learnt a few things along the way and wanted to share them with you all incase any of you have the honour of throwing a bridal shower. These tips can really relate to just about any wedding related event though!

1. Decide on your budget and the amount of work you want to take on:
This was definitely the first thing I thought about when starting the planning process. I had previously thrown my sister an engagement party last summer and I’m not going to lie it was quite the undertaking! I really decided to do everything on my own, from rentals to catering to decor, I tackled just about it all! Although I loved every minute of it, I knew that for the bridal shower I wanted to do something a little easier and something that wouldn’t take up too much of my time. My reasons for this were honestly to make my life a bit easier and free up my time for other wedding related things, because there is a lot that goes on prior to the wedding! So, with this in mind I decided that having the shower at a venue was the perfect option, and luckily I was able to find one within my budget! This was a perfect fit since they provided the space, all the tables and linens and most importantly the food. My responsibilities instantly decreased and I could focus on the decor, games and any other activities we wanted. When you start to plan for the shower firstly think of what your budget allows and go from there. If your budget allows for the shower to be at someones house with everyone bringing a dish than great! Or if your budget allows for you to choose a venue and let them take care of some of the details than that’s great too! Just decide early on what your budget allows and then you can be prepared for the type and amount of work you will need to do before the event.

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2. Ask for help:
This was a major factor in how my sisters bridal shower unfolded. As I mentioned above I had never actually attended a bridal shower before and knew right away I would need some help from the other bridesmaids to make this a great event. Luckily my sister has some great bridesmaids and I was able to discuss my ideas and thoughts with them. They helped give ideas and suggestions that I had never thought about and I was then able to divide some tasks out among them which helped free up some of my time to focus on the other aspects of the shower like decor and games. I highly recommend reaching out to the other bridesmaids or friends or family when planning a shower. Not only can they be of great help, but they too know the bride and may have some great ideas which will only help make the shower that much better for her.

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3. Keep it simple:
This is never an easy thing for me to do. When I start thinking of an event and planning for it I feel like it gets bigger and more elaborate as time goes on. However, I knew for the bridal shower I really wanted to keep things simple and easy for both myself and the guests attending. Luckily many of the important details were taken care of thanks to the venue we were at and therefore I just needed to focus on decor, games, activities and any other small details. I kept it simple with only 3 games (bride quiz, guessing the brides age and guessing the number of pages in a cookbook) and 3 small activities which included asking the bride to answer a “he said she said” type quiz, having advice from her grade 3 class spread throughout the room and having guests write advice to the future mr and mrs for their 1 year, 5 year, 10 year and 20 year anniversaries. It was the perfect amount of games and activities in my opinion and worked well for this shower. You can definitely have more or less depending on your bride and the way you want your shower to go (it really is up to you). My advice here is to just keep it simple. There’s no need for 10 different games and 10 different activities, a few will definitely suffice!

4. Keep the bride in mind:
I know this might seem so obvious but it really is important to keep coming back to this point throughout the planning process. You might have many opinions and suggestions from other people but remember that it’s the bride’s day and this is about showering her. I especially love this because you can tailor all the little details to what the bride likes and what suits her best. Because of this I decided that an afternoon tea shower would be best since my sister loves tea. I also kept her in mind when deciding the games to play. My sister has always loved photography and pictures, so I knew I wanted one of the games to involve pictures which ended up being the “guess the brides age” game. Think of what the bride likes and even ask her how she imagines the day and if she has any requests. Try to tailor as much of the day and event to her and if you do that then trust me you can’t go wrong!

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5. Get crafty:
I was lucky that the venue we chose didn’t really need much decor. It was filled with light from all the windows and had a beautiful wood finish throughout. I knew I wanted to add a few little decor items around the room to just bring it up to the next level… and well I also love a good DIY project! So I decided to tackle just a handful of crafty projects and not only were they super simple, they definitely added the finishing touches to the room and event. I was able to make a “bride to be” sign, a ribbon garland for the brides chair and tied some lace and ribbon around mason jars filled with flowers. These were easy crafts that didn’t take much time at all. So definitely think about the different projects you can do yourself which helps save you money but also adds a personal touch to the event! Be sure to check back here because I’ll be showing you how I did some of those DIY projects in a few days!

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