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Before we jump in to todays post I wanted to let in you in on the details of these Tuesday Talk posts. You will be seeing them most Tuesdays and each one will cover a different topic. These will be a bit more personal, but I really hope we can start a conversation and create a community here at That’s Darling. That’s what these Tuesday Talks are all about, community. Some will be more serious than others, some longer than others, but I have always dreamt of having a series like this where we can discuss issues, ideas and everything in between. So I hope you enjoy them friends and please please continue the conversation in the comments section or anywhere else!

I originally thought of this post back around Thanksgiving time and as we headed into the holiday season. That always seems to be a time when people think more about gratitude. However, gratitude should be a year round thing. It’s something that I never thought too much about, sure I’ve always been thankful for certain things in life, but until recently I never knew how much it could change your world and the way you think about things.

For me it all seemed to start at the beginning of this year. I made a few healthy changes and really stuck to my goals. Along with that came a new way of thinking. It was a gradual shift that I didn’t even realize it until a few weeks ago. I think it all began with a little saying that Matt and I often say to one another “good problems to have”. I remember one of the first times I said this to Matt, we were at that lovely time of year…tax time. We had a decent amount of taxes owing and I remember thinking to myself “this is a good problem to have”. It means we made money over the past year, which really is a luxury. I can honestly say that since that time I’ve probably said “good problems to have” about a million more times. Because reality check friends, a lot of things are good problems to have. It really changes your thinking and the way you view something. It can take a problem or situation from a negative to a positive. You can always learn something from any situation and that’s what makes those hard times beneficial or at least not god awful. It’s always reminding yourself to be grateful, because not everyone has the luxuries that we have. Our hot water tank broke last year, though not necessarily a good problem to have, it reminded me what a luxury it is to even have hot water in the first place. So while I was busy being a little irritated and frustrated at the prospect of having to change my schedule for someone to come and fix it, I quickly stopped myself and reminded myself that there are a lot of people that not only don’t have hot water but don’t even have clean water. When you change the way you think about situations and how you approach them, it really can change your world.

I try to think of some things everyday that I am so thankful for. They can big, small, silly or serious, but actually naming these things and saying how thankful you are for them is what makes the difference. Try it tomorrow, try and pinpoint some of the things in your life that you are so thankful for. And next time you come across a problem or issue try and think how it can turn into a positive. How the experience can be a lesson or how it really is “a good problem to have”. I’ll be talking more about gratitude as time goes on but just wanted to quickly share those thoughts with you all! Have a great day friends!

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