Currently Craving: New Beauty Buys

CC- New Beauty Buys
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At the end of every month or every few months I usually have a long list of beauty products that I’m hoping to buy. I like to keep an ongoing list saved to my phone so I can easily add new beauty items that I come across. I like to keep this list, do a bit of research on the products and see what others are saying about them before I actually buy them. This seems to work really well for me, since beauty products can be on the expensive side, and doing some research before really helps me decide whether it’s worth buying or not. Here are a few things I’ve had on my list for a few months now, hopefully some will be coming home with me soon! I’ll keep you posted on the ones I buy and what I think of them! Are there any products you guys are hoping to purchase soon or have recently bought and you love? If so, be sure to let me know!

Currently Craving: Yellow

Nail Polish / Dress / Earrings / Shorts / Bracelet / Sandals / Sunglasses / Purse / Jacket / Skirt / Necklace / Flats

Over the past few weeks I’ve really been noticing an explosion of yellow everywhere. From bloggers to celebrities to strangers on the street, everyone seems to be hopping on the yellow bandwagon for spring and I couldn’t be happier. I love this bright and happy colour and I truly think there is a shade of yellow that suits everyone. My personal favourite is more of a mustard yellow like the Michael Kors dress pictured above. However, I do love a pop of bright neon yellow closer to the summer when I finally have some colour to my skin again! Will you be hopping on the yellow train this spring?

Currently Craving: Vacation Style

CC-Vacation Style
Jacket / Hat / Dress / Shorts / Sandals / Sunglasses / Skirt / Luggage Tag / Clutch / Lipstick in Vivid Rose / Nail Polish / Earrings / Tote / Bathing Suit

I’ve started compiling a list of vacation essentials for an upcoming trip down south. I’m so excited to be in nice warm weather and to hopefully add some colour to my oh so pale skin. Since we’re headed to Florida I wanted to make a list that had both hot weather items and some items for those cooler evenings. I’m absolutely loving the colour of the jacket above and I think it will be the perfect thing to pair with everything from shorts, to jeans to dresses. Speaking of bright colours, I personally love adding pops of bright colours everywhere when heading to a warm destination. I love doing this by painting my nails a fun colour and adding a bright lipstick to finish off any outfit. Hopefully I’ll scoop some of these up over the next few days and be fully prepared for my trip!

Currently Craving: Blush Pink

CC-Blush Pink
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I feel like I’ve been seeing pink everywhere lately, and I guess just in time for Valentines Day! I love the colour pink, but especially a light blush pink for winter. I love that it can be combined with so many other colours (think camel, grey or white) for a chic yet easy outfit. It’s also a great colour to wear from head to toe. I think the best thing about blush pink for winter is that it can so easily be transitioned into the warmer spring months. It’s such a great versatile colour to invest in. I hope you enjoy some of favourite pieces that I’ve picked and had my eye on over the past little while!

Currently Craving: Winter Greys

Winter Greys- grey clothes and accessories for winterPrada Purse (cheaper option here) / Jewelled Hat / Wool Coat / Felt Fedora / Over The Knee Boots / Aritzia Cardigan / Cashmere Scarf / Passport Holder / Essie Nail Polish (in Power Clutch) / Turtleneck

Over the holidays I may or may not have spent a good amount of time on Pinterest… This is actually a little unusual for me because its never been one of my “go to” websites. Well needless to say that has all changed! Boy was I missing out! I have no idea why it took me so long to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon but I’m so glad I did! You can check out my Pinterest here and see all the the things I’m lusting after. At the top of this list is definitely neutral clothes for winter, more specifically greys. I’m loving all things grey right now and even more so if they are are soft and warm. All of these items can be worn alone, but I am also loving the trend of wearing all neutrals (just greys and whites). One of the best stores for winter neutrals has to be Aritzia. They have tons of cozy sweaters that are perfect or these cold winter days!