Mixing Patterns In Home Decor

When I was decorating my bedroom (last seen here), I knew I wanted to add a few different patterns and a good dose of colour. It wasn’t until after it was finished that I heard a few comments from friends and family about how they would never think to combine such bold patterns together. So, this got me thinking, where else could you mix and match patterns? I’m a true believer in “going for it” when it comes to home decor. I think why not give something a shot (things can always be returned) and I really try to not live by any rules. I think home decor should be fun and it should a representation of you and your style. So I complied a list of rooms and decided to create a little colour/pattern scheme to show you guys just how easy mixing patterns in home decor is! If you look below you’ll probably notice my love of stripes shining through. I think stripes are always the perfect pattern to add to any room. They aren’t overwhelming, but they still add a pop of colour and layer to any room. If you have a busy pattern picked out already, definitely try adding a stripe pattern in to the mix! I promise it will work!
mixing patterns

Bedroom: Curtains / Pillow / Pillow / Headboard
Office: Chair / Bench / Rug
Family Room: Rug / Pillow / Pillow / Curtains
Dinning Room: Curtains / Chair / Rug

3 Ways To Style Your Coffee Table

I’ve been playing around with some of my home decor recently and trying out new ways to style different pieces around my house. I usually keep my coffee table styled the same, some flowers, stacked coffee table books or magazines and some little trinkets. However, lately I’ve been changing that style up more and more frequently and I’ve loved some of the combinations I’ve come up with. I also started to notice that I have 3 go to ways of styling my coffee table. These 3 ways are super simple, but definitely give more detail and colour to your space. Check them out below and let me know which style is your favourite!

Coffee Table-use flowers
1. USE FLOWERS: This is definitely my go to look for styling my coffee table. It’s definitely the most simple and easy way of the three ways featured. This is my go to look for when people are coming over, and I’m especially loving flowers right now because they add some extra colour to these gloomy winter days!

Coffee Table-use books
2. USE BOOKS: This is a great way to show off some of those coffee table books you might have. I’ve been collecting coffee table books for the past few years and I love to display them around my house. It’s also such a great way to create varying heights on your coffee table to add some extra detail. I also love that people can grab and scan through a book if they want. It can be a great conversation piece and starter.

Coffee Table-use a tray
3. USE A TRAY: I seem to have many trays around my house (I have no idea why…), and yet I haven’t ever used them on my coffee table. I tried this look out the other day and have been loving it ever since. I especially love that it encourages organization and is a great place to store everything from the remote to coasters. It is definitely the best option if you have a lot of things to store on your coffee table.

Where To Find Items:
Coffee Table: Ikea (spray painted)
Rug: Ikea
White/Gold Vase: Target (similar)
Glass Vase: HomeSense (similar)
Urchin: Target (similar)
Coasters: Kate Spade
White and Gold Tray: Target (similar)
Gold Tray: Target (similar)

Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom 2


Bedroom 1

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 4

Bedroom 7

Bedroom 0104

bedroom 3133

Over the past month or so I made it my mission (seriously) to finish off our bedroom. I was obviously too excited to get it all together because I forgot to take any “before” pictures, but lets just say you weren’t missing out since the room had a bed and two side tables. Anyways, back in the summer I came across this amazing floral pattern by Tonic Living and just knew I had to incorporate it into our bedroom somehow. Originally I was planning on using it for curtains but then I came across these amazing black and white striped curtains on Etsy and decided to buy them. I then decided that the Tonic Living material would make the perfect headboard. I’ve seen a few videos about how to make your own headboard and to be honest it really was simple. I just used a piece of plywood from Lowes, that they cut down to my measurements, grabbed some foam from Walmart and stapled everything together. I’m so happy with how it turned out and love how much colour it adds to the room!

I finished the room off with some new white bedding, mint colour accents and some artwork from Anna With Love. Since we live in a smaller apartment it’s so nice to have another room to go to, whether it’s to do work, read a book or just relax. It’s always nice to have a room that inspires you but feels cozy and warm at the same time!

Headboard Material: Tonic Living
Lamps: HomeSense
Picture Frames: West Elm
Pictures: Anna With Love & Michelle Armas 
Mirrors: HomeSense
Sunburst Mirror: Pier 1
Curtains: Etsy (BeautifullyLiving)
Bench: Target
Throw Pillows: Ikea and HomeSense
Blankets: Target and HomeSense
Bedskirt: Anthropologie
Jewellery Boxes: Chapters and HomeSense (similar)

5 Ways To Improve Your Office

As I mentioned in Tuesdays post, I recently changed up my little office space. I took some time over the summer to really think about what was working before and more importantly what wasn’t. I’m so glad I took the time to think it over because I am so pleased with what I came up with. Not only does my space look nicer (very high up on my priorities list…), but I have noticed that I am doing more work from my desk and able to stay there much longer. So I thought I would share with you all the changes I made and the ways I improved my office to best work for me.
1. Recognize how you use your space: This is such a crucial first step when changing or creating your work space. You need to recognize how you use your space, what you use it for most and the essentials you need. Since my office space is so small I knew I needed as much storage as possible. Originally I had a large bookcase and my desk. I figured the bookcase would provide ample storage and be just what I needed. Boy was I wrong. The bookcase was awkward and wouldn’t allow me to store as much as I wanted. That combined with my desk at the time proved to be a very uncomfortable setting to get work done. I wasn’t able to utilize all my desk space and that is a big necessity for me. I like to have a lot of desk space so I can spread papers out, do some crafts or DIYs, or even eat my lunch! So now my new desk provides a ton of storage and allows me to utilize the whole desk top for all my fun projects.
2. Know what you need easy access to: This is definitely the most important step on this list. Realizing what things you need easy access to will not only make your life easier, it will help keep your space organized and clean. A while ago I decided to get serious about our bill situation (so fun I know), I was tired of having papers everywhere and having so much trouble finding important documents. So I went to a file folder system and it was wonderful! However, in my old desk the only place to put my file holder was tucked away behind other things. I know this sounds very lazy of me, but since it wasn’t in my direct access I started to slack with filing away papers and ended up with piles of bills again. So, this time around I knew I needed easy access to my file holder and was able to do that with my new desk. Also having the essentials like pens, pencils, a ruler and scissors right on my desk have helped make things easier too!
3. Keep it clean and inspiring: Since I now have easy access to all the important things, I find it so much easier to keep my space clean and tidy. Having a clean workspace is so important for increasing your productivity and just really makes your life easier. Another thing that was high on my “redo list” was a place to put or store things that inspire me. I always loved the idea of an inspiration board but never had the space for one before. Since I got rid of the big bookcase, I was able to add a fun inspiration board (see how I made it here). Keeping and displaying things that are inspiring you at the moment really makes working from your space easier!
4. Have good natural light or a great desk lamp: I don’t think anyone likes working in a dark little space. The thing I love most about my space is the big window to the left of my desk. Yes I do get distracted watching the clouds go by…, but I love the amount of light that pours in from it. I realize that having a big window isn’t always readily available, so the next best thing is to have a great desk lamp. I recently found a great one from ikea. It provides just enough light, yet still looks nice sitting on my desk.
5. Use a comfortable chair and desk: This step is also very high on the importance list. If you are not comfortable at your desk, you will not want to work there. It’s that simple. My previous desk was much too tall for the chair I use, and therefore made for many uncomfortable days. Towards the end, I ended up working from other places, but always longed to be back at my desk. So, fast forward to now, luckily my new desk is the perfect height for my chair. I have found it so much easier to sit at my desk for long periods of time and rarely feel uncomfortable or restless. 

Where to find:
Ikea Liatorp Desk
Black and White Striped Throw
White and Gold Desk Lamp
White Shelf
Gold Initial
Je t’aime print

DIY Cork Board/Inspiration Board

I’m nervous excited for todays post! It’s different than what I’ve posted in the past, but I’m so excited to share it with all of you! At the end of summer I was feeling very uninspired with my office setup and decided that it needed a little makeover! I rearranged some things, switched up my desk and added some much needed colour to this little work space of mine! In addition to all of that, I knew I desperately wanted to add a place where I could post reminders and store things that were inspiring me. I’ve always loved the idea of an inspiration board, and since I always rip pages out of magazines, I thought a cork board would be the best option! So I decided not only to add a cork board to my office, but do a little DIY that would also add a nice punch of colour too!

So here is what I came up with! Take a look at the video below to see how I created my version of a cork board/inspiration board for my office! And stay tuned for another workspace post later in the week, where I’ll share how I make my new space work for me!
Happy Tuesday friends, I hope you enjoy!