Simple Eye Makeup

The other day I was finishing my makeup and realized that I’ve been doing my eye makeup the same for the past few weeks. It has definitely become my go to look, probably because of how simple and easy it is, but also because it lasts all day. I don’t always apply a full face of makeup, but on those days that I do, I always reach for this eye makeup look. Keep reading to see how I achieve my simple eye makeup look.

simple eye makeup-1
I first start by applying a cream eye shadow all over my lids. This is hands down my favourite step because the cream shadow acts almost like a primer for your lids, which will help keep your shadow on all day. I also love this cream shadow by Smashbox (Maybelline has very similar ones too), and I love the colour and shine of it. Feel free to use a brush or just your fingers like I do to apply the cream shadow.

simple eye makeup-2
Next I like to take a darker brown shadow and apply that to the outer corner of my eye and throughout the crease. I use my favourite Smashbox palette and mix two colours together to create the perfect brown shade. Make sure you blend blend blend! Feel free to add more or less shadow depending on your preference. I tend to lean on the lighter side when it comes to makeup, as I like more of a natural look.

simple eye makeup-3
After, you’ve applied a darker shade to your crease, you could definitely stop here, apply mascara and be done. However I like to add a lighter shimmer shade to the inner corner of my eye and blend it in to the middle of the lid. I again combine two shadows from my Smashbox palette, starting from the inner corner and making sure I blend it out well towards the darker outer corner.
*You may want to go over your outer corner and crease again with a darker shade if you want it more defined.

simple eye makeup-4
I always like to apply some sort of liner to my eye, I find it gives my eyes more definition and I personally just like the way it looks on me. This is completely a personal preference, so feel free to skip this step if you want! You can apply a liquid liner, a pencil liner or use an angled liner brush like I did and apply a thin line of shadow to your eyelash line.

simple eye makeup-5
Finally, grab your favourite mascara, add a few coats and you are good to go! My go to mascara right now is hands down the Lancome Grandoise mascara, but my all time favourite mascara is the CoverGirl LashBlast mascara.

simple eye makeup-6
A simple, quick and easy way to finish off your makeup look! I love how subtle this look is, and it can be easily built up for a heavier smokier look if you want. My favourite thing about it, probably that it takes me all of 5 minutes to apply! You can’t go wrong with that!

Best Ways To Keep Your Hair Out Of Your Face

I wanted to share with you a few different ways I style my hair when I just want it up or out of my face. Anyone else feel this way sometimes? When your hair is either just not working that day (hello bad hair day) or you just need it off your face. Well I think I feel like this more often than not and over the years I’ve come up with some ways to get my hair out of my face yet still have a polished and put together hairstyle. So, here are my best ways to keep you hair out of your face.

BRAID IT BACK: This is definitely my go to option when putting my hair back. I’ve been doing this for many years now (thank you Lauren Conrad for starting this trend). Once you’ve mastered a standard french braid, than you should have no problem doing this. Trust me it’s a lot easier than it looks! I love braiding my hair back like this and I find it’s also a great way to pull your hair in to a low bun. If you’re feeling up to it, than try a different take on this and do a fishtail braid instead.

WEAR A FUN HEADBAND: I have a few headbands in my drawer and love reaching for them when I really want all of my hair out of my face. I admit it too, this always makes me feel slightly like Blair Waldorf, and that’s never a bad thing right? There are so many cheap options out there for fun headbands (think Forever 21). Some of my favourites are ones with flowers, bows or fun patterns and colours.

USE A PRETTY CLIP: I came across this beautiful bow clip at Henri Bendel a few months back and have been incorporating it in to my hairstyles ever since. This is definitely the easiest way to pull your hair back. Simply grab a small section from the front and clip it back. I love using a fun clip instead of plain bobby pins, since it adds a little something extra.

PUT IT IN A PONYTAIL: I think this is probably everyones go to style for getting your hair up and it definitely is the most effective. There’s nothing better (especially in the hot summer) than having all your hair up, off your neck and out of your face. I usually switch between two ponytail styles, the one pictured above or I go back to my cheerleading roots and do a very high ponytail.

TRY A TWIST: This is another long time style of mine and I started doing it because it was a quicker way to achieve the look of braiding my hair back. When I’m in a rush or dare I say it my hair isn’t the cleanest, this is the perfect way to get your hair out of your face. I love the way a twist looks and it can easily be done to both sides to really get your hair back. Like the braid above this is also another style that goes great with a low bun.

How to: Style Your Hair For A Hat

One of the goals I made for myself at the beginning of the year was to be a bit more adventurous with my hair. Now I’m not saying I’m going to go dye it some crazy colour or chop it all off (even though I have been playing with the idea of a lob). My goal was to mainly style it a few different ways each week and take a break from my usal style of my hair down with loose curls. It’s funny because I love doing my hair and trying new styles, especially braids (checkout my videos here and here), but for some reason I always stick to the same do day in and day out. So, since I’ve been sporting more and more hats lately, I figured I’d show you three hair styles you can do with hats. I’d love to know what your daily hairstyle is and how you usually wear your hair with a hat!
hat hair down
This is definitely my “go to” look when wearing a hat. It’s easy and simple and anyone can pull it off.

hat hair in bun
I’m loving the idea of this style for the summer. There’s nothing better than having your hair up and off your neck when it’s boiling hot outside! This is also a great style for pairing with a big oversized scarf during the winter.

hat hair in braid
I think this is my new favourite way to style my hair for a hat. I love this style because it is also suited for so many different types of hats. Whether you’re wearing a fedora style or a beanie, you can’t go wrong with a big side braid.

Hat: Anthropologie (old, similar here and here)
Shirt: H&M (similar here)
Lipstick: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Sao Paulo

DIY: Brown Sugar Body Scrub


I decided to share my brown sugar body scrub with you all today. You might have already come across this DIY, but I figured why not share it here with you all especially since we are in the dead of winter right now…which means dry dry skin! I’ve tried a few other store bought scrubs and honestly guys, nothing measures up to this one. It’s super simple to make and you most likely have all the ingredients in your cupboard right now. I’ve been using this scrub for the past 3-4 years and every single time I use it (about once a week), it always leaves my skin smooth and nicely exfoliated. I hope you love it as much as I do!

What you’ll need:
– 1/2 cup Brown Sugar
– 1/8 cup (2 tbsp) Olive Oil
– a few drops of Water


STEP 1: Measure out 1/2 cup of brown sugar and pour into a bowl (I like to use tupperware when taking it in to the shower).


STEP 2: Add 1/8 cup (or 2 tbsp) of olive oil. Mix the brown sugar and oil together.


STEP 3: Slowly add a few drops of water to the mixture. I like to add a few drops of water at a time and stir in between. You do not need a lot of water, once you start mixing it you’ll notice how quickly and easily the water combines with the sugar and oil.


Now take it with you in to the shower (the easiest way to apply it) and gently massage the scrub all over. Rinse it off and you’re skin will be perfectly exfoliated and smooth!

Beginners Guide To Makeup

This past year I really dived into the crazy world of makeup (last mentioned here). I had no idea where to start, but I knew that my usual routine (if you can even call it that), just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Along the way I definitely made some mistakes and probably spent way more money then I needed to trying out different products. So, as I sit here now, a year later, and with a good makeup routine in place, I thought I’d take everything I learnt and hopefully help some of you out. Whether you’re just starting out or if you already have a makeup routine in place,these next ten tips will surely help anyone and everyone!


Start to understand the differences among products, and no I don’t mean the difference between foundation and eye shadow (hopefully that difference is pretty clear). What I mean is understanding that there are differences among each product type. For instance, you can have matte foundation or a luminous one. A matte foundation is great for those people with oily skin or if they don’t like any shine to your complexion. Whereas a luminous foundation will give you that dewy look (my personal preference). People with dry skin can benefit from a luminous foundation, as it adds more of a healthy glow to your skin.

Where do you begin to learn about the differences in products, what tools to use, how to use them or even what makeup to buy? Youtube. My guilty pleasure (if you can call it that). I started watching a few “beauty gurus” on youtube at the beginning of last year and it has helped me so much in the makeup department. Not only can they give recommendations about products (definitely do your research before you buy), but they are also amazing to watch to see how they apply their makeup. I find that some of their looks are a bit heavy for me and my day to day look, but I love watching and learning the different ways they apply their makeup and the different brushes they use. Two of my favourites are Jaclyn Hill and Nicole Guerriero.


After watching a few (or many) videos, I began to see the different types of tools that were out there. Just because a brush is “designated” for foundation or for blush, doesn’t mean that’s what you have to use it for. There are no rules with makeup, well maybe to avoid baby blue eyeliner (throw back to my grade 6 glory days). I quickly learnt that having the right tool for the job can make a huge difference. The best thing is that now a days there are so many options when it comes to makeup brushes. You do not need to break the bank when buying brushes. There are online stores that offer great brushes (like Sigma) and there’s amazing brushes you can find at Target (like Sonia Kashuk and Elf). If you do decide to spend a bit more, don’t worry because if you take good care of your brushes (wash them when needed) they can last you a very long time and be a great investment!

When I decided to change up my routine last winter, it was because my skin was looking pretty lack lustre and I was wanting to even out my skin tone. I didn’t really know how to achieve this, and I (for some reason) really did not want to dive into the world of foundation. I always thought foundation was so heavy and so noticeably there (I’ve since learnt that’s not the case). But I came across the perfect middle ground, that was tinted moisturizer. Not only does tinted moisturizer hydrate your skin, it also provides light coverage and evens out your skin tone. It’s the perfect product to start out with if you’re starting to get into the foundation side of makeup because it can easily be applied with your fingers for a light coverage or can be built up for a heavier coverage down the road. Even as I’ve moved along and now wear foundation from time to time, my tinted moisturizer is still one of my all time favourite staples in my makeup bag.


Friends, I can’t say this enough. Fill in your eyebrows. I think it is probably one of the most overlooked steps in peoples makeup routine but it is definitely one of the most important. Your eyebrows frame your face, so if you fill them in (even just slightly), it can make a huge difference. I know that might sound daunting, and coming from someone who has zero drawing capabilities, trust me you can do this too! I started filling in my eyebrows years ago with shadow and a small angled brush. This is definitely the best way to learn how to fill your brows in and you can lightly apply shadow or build it up if you want them more defined. To start out, I suggest filling in any sparse areas with short little flicks of your brush. Don’t worry about creating a shape for your brows (that will come later after some practice), just stay within your already defined shape.


There are many different ways to apply foundation. You can use different brushes, you can use your fingers or you can use the¬†beauty blender. The last item might seem foreign to some of you (but seriously go buy one now!), but it is absolutely my favourite and I think best way to apply foundation and concealer. If you are heavy handed and apply too much product, the beauty blender will soak it up so your makeup doesn’t look caked on. I find that when I apply my foundation with the beauty blender it gives a really smooth effect and product doesn’t ever cling to dry spots (since I have drier skin). Also, it’s just super easy to use and can save you lots of time! All you do is hold the beauty blender under water and squeeze it a few times so it can absorb water. Squeeze it out agin, getting most of the water out and then roll it in a towel or paper towel and squeeze it one last time (the towels will really absorb any excess water). Then, I put my foundation on my face in small dots all over and dab my face with the beauty blender to blend it out, I never swipe or drag it. Same goes for my concealer (I use the pointed end) and just dab the beauty blender to blend my concealer out.


I’m a big believer in mixing high end with low end, not only with my clothes but with makeup as well. There are so many great drugstore brands these days that make amazing products. Here’s a little tip for you, if you find a high end product but don’t feel like spending the money on it, head over to Pinterest and type in the high end products name with the word “dupe” next to it. You are bound to find lots of pins that match your product to a drugstore version. Above is just a few of the high end (pictured on the left) products and their drugstore (pictured on the right) equivalent. If I’m interested in trying a certain product out, say a cream eyeshadow, I’ll always try to find a drugstore version first. If I’m liking the results but I find the colour isn’t as intense as I want or it doesn’t last all day, that’s when I’ll take the plunge and buy the high end version.

One of my favourite things about Sephora (besides the sea of makeup products) is the sample products they give you at checkout. It’s a great way to try new products that you’ve maybe had your eye on or even try something you never thought you’d wear. I once got a bright purple lipstick as a sample and you know what, I actually loved it! This is also a great way to try makeup on at home and wear it a few times before investing in the actual size. I’ve done this a few times at MAC, where I’ve liked a concealer and asked for a sample to take home. The girls were so lovely and always willing to provide a sample for me. I personally like trying products out at home, which usually has better lighting then the store and I can see how it wears for the day. Always ask to see if they’ll give you a sample first to try and then you’ll know if you want to actually buy it! And hey it will probably save you some money too!

I honestly think this is why I stayed away from foundation for so long. I felt like I could never properly match foundation to my skin. This is definitely harder to do in the drugstore as well since sometimes testers aren’t available and the lighting usually isn’t great. This is where Sephora or even MAC can be great. The girls can help you find your perfect colour match and you can begin to see where you fall within all the shades. This is good because you can learn whether your skin is more cool toned, warm toned or neutral toned. Also, whenever you are matching a foundation to your skin, always match it to your neck. This will eliminate you looking like a ghost… which is good because no one can pull that look off.

Finally, the best thing I’ve learnt for achieving that perfect smooth skin look is to exfoliate. Not only is exfoliating great for your skin, but it will allow your makeup to go on so much smoother and not cling to any dry spots. I alway try to exfoliate before applying my makeup (just a gentle exfoliator) and I’ll use a rougher one maybe once a week to really take away the dry skin. A great way to do this is with electronic brushes like the Clarisonic. I’ve always been interested in the Clarisonic, but wasn’t ready to spend all that money for one, so I went to Target and found a similar version by Olay. Now I know and have heard nothing beats the Clarisonic, but the Olay version does a pretty great job and I now know that if I were to buy a Clarisonic it would definitely be used a lot.

Beginners Guide To Makeup