April Favourites

Tangle Teezer / Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick / Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Brush / Maybelline Lipsticks

Tangle Teezer: I was a little skeptical when I first got this and wasn’t sure if I’d really use it or not. I try not to brush my hair often, and when I do I usually use a wide tooth comb. However, recently my hair has been insanely tangly and dry, and the Tangle Teezer has been the only thing that can actually take the tangles out. It’s so gentle and doesn’t make me feel like I’m ripping my hair out. Hopefully these tangles will go away soon with the help of some new products I’ve started using but I’ll share more of that on the blog later, so stay tuned!

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick: This is an oldie but definitely a goodie! I used this shimmer brick a bunch when I first bought it and than it slowly moved to the back of my drawer. I reached for it after my trip to Florida, since I had a good tan and thought this would compliment it nicely. Ever since then I’ve been using it everyday and I remember just why I bought it. It bronzes, gives a nice colour to your cheeks and more importantly gives you the nicest highlight and glow.

Anastasia Brown Brush: I picked this brush up a few weeks ago when I realized the one I had been using was just too thick. I love that this brush is very thin, which makes it easy to fill in your brows and that the other end has a spooley to blend and brush through your brows.

Maybelline Matte Lipsticks: A few months ago Maybelline released a line of matte lipsticks in a few different shade. I picked a few of those up and instantly fell in love. Luckily, they recently released more colours and I of course ran to the store to grab a few more shades! The colours of these lipsticks are so pigmented and the formula is creamy and doesn’t dry your lips out like some other matte lipsticks. I highly suggest giving these a try and since they’re drugstore products you don’t have to feel bad grabbing two… or three different shades!

Spring To Do List

hello spring

1. Spring cleaning: clear the clutter and try rearranging your place for a fresh new look!

2. Plan a picnic and day outside.

3. Buy fresh flowers when possible to brighten up your space.

4. Wear a fun bright lip colour.

5. Grab a book and read outside with a glass of wine or cup of tea to unwind.

6. Treat yourself to a fun new sundress!

7. Donate any clothes you haven’t worn in the past few months.

8. Ride your bike as much as possible.

March Favourites

Marc Jacobs Daisy Rollerball / Urban Decay Lip Pencil in Turn On / SST Cosmetics Lipstick in Drama Queen / Becca Highlighter

This past month I’ve found that I’ve really stuck to my tried and true beauty products. I’ve gotten in to somewhat of a routine with my everyday makeup, consisting of a heavier look for those days where I’m headed out or meeting friends and than a softer more natural look for running errands. Whether it’s a full face of makeup or a lighter more natural look, these four products pictured above have been in heavy rotation for both looks this month!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Rollerball: I’ve had this perfume for quite some time, and actually purchased the rollerball version first, before forking out the money for the full bottle. I’ve since tossed the rollerball aside since I now have the bottle for all my perfume needs. However, this past month I’ve found myself reaching for the rollerball version and tossing it in my purse or overnight bag more and more. Not only is this hands down my favourite scent and go to perfume, but I love how easy it is to travel with the rollerball, or have it handy to freshen up throughout the day. I highly suggest looking in to a rollerball version of your favourite perfume!

Urban Decay Lip Pencil in Turn On: In the fall I had been looking for a lip colour whether that be a pencil, gloss or lipstick that was almost the shade of my lips, but slightly darker and more brown (thank you Kylie Jenner). I was able to find a decent match for that in the Makeup Forever Lip Pencil in Light Rosewood . However, now that spring has finally arrived I’ve been leaning towards much brighter pink colours and have found myself wanting a lip colour that again is almost the shade of my lips but a bit more pink and bright. This Urban Decay one caught my eye on a quick trip to Sephora and I’ve been in love ever since. It’s a great pink shade that’s perfect for spring and summer!

SST Cosmetics Lipstick in Drama Queen: I was fortunate enough to try out the SST Cosmetics lipstick this past month and really didn’t know what to expect when I received it. I hadn’t heard of this makeup brand before, but was excited to find out that they are a Canadian brand (yay for supporting Canadian talent). What was even better, was that the lipstick was actually so amazing. The formula is perfect, and the lipstick is almost a soft matte but is so smooth and hydrating. I’m also in love with this light pink shade and I know it will be one of my go to colours for spring and summer!

Becca Highlighter: I purchased one of these highlighters last summer in the shade Opal and instantly fell in love. However, the past few months I wasn’t as crazy about it and couldn’t really figure out why. I then realized it was definitely because my oh so pale skin needed a lighter shade than the Opal colour I was using. So, I purchased the lighter Moonstone shade and have fallen back in love with Becca highlighters. They blend so well and a little goes a long way! I love applying some to the tops of my cheeks and to my brow bone.

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