3 Ways To Layer A Dress For Spring

This past weekend I pulled out one of my all time favourite dresses. It’s not fancy, or really anything special, but it’s very comfortable and I find I can pair it with just about anything. Although I wish we were already at that time of year to wear it without any layers, however that is just sadly not the case. I really love wearing dresses and skirts, probably more so than pants, so when the weather is still on the cool side I really try to think of different ways to layer up. I usually reach for a jacket or blazer to toss on top of my dresses, but I’ve really been loving the two other ways to layer a dress for spring that are pictured below!

layering a dress 1
WEAR A CARDIGAN: I’ll be the first one to admit this, but I am not a big cardigan girl. I’m not sure what it is about them, but I never really reach for them. I’ve been loving the recent trend of cozy over sized cardigans and love pairing those with dresses. This time I reached for a light cardigan to pair with my dress and I loved that it kept me warm but is easy to take off when it gets really warm in the afternoons.

layering a dress 2
WEAR A JACKET OR BLAZER: When reaching for a jacket to wear over a cardigan I usually always reach for my favourite white jacket (last seen here). But this time I went for a more casual look and grabbed my green utility jacket. I love pairing this jacket with many different pieces and I love how it makes an outfit more casual. I tossed on my white converse and grabbed my big tote bag which is perfect for running around and doing weekend errands.

layering a dress 3
WEAR A SWEATER: Lastly, I reached for one of my softest pullover sweaters to pair with my dress. I really love wearing a pullover sweater with a dress, I think it completely changes the look of the dress. I personally think a slightly cropped style sweater works best for this. I decided to dress this look up and put on a fun J.Crew necklace and pink flats.

Blue and Pink

blue old navy-14 blue old navy-15blue old navy-21 blue old navy-16blue old navy-18blue old navy-20blue old navy-19blue old navy-26 blue old navy-22blue old navy-23
Skirt / Jacket: Anthropologie (old, similar here) / Tank / Shoes: J.Crew (old, similar here) / Clutch: Kate Spade (similar here) / Necklace: J.Crew (similar here) / Sunglasses / Lips: Make Up For Ever Lip Liner in Light Rosewood & Maybelline Lipstick in Ravishing Rose

Right before we left for Florida I did a little online shopping, mainly for Matt I swear, at Old Navy. When the order arrived days later I was so excited not only for Matt to have long enough pants, he’s 6’5 by the way, but to have a few new skirts for spring! The thing I love most about Old Navy is you always know what to expect. I feel like I know my size perfectly in every piece and you can always expect the same quality. I love that their clothes, especially skirts fit a little longer than say a Forever 21. This makes a world of a difference to me since a lot of dresses from other stores tend to be the length of a shirt on me… Not so fun. I grabbed this skirt pictured above in both the blue and red pattern since I really love easy, loose and comfortable pieces for spring.

Red Floral Dress

red zara dress-11red zara dress-15 red zara dress-12red zara dress-18red zara dress-13red zara dress-14red zara dress-16red zara dress-19red zara dress-17red zara dress-20Dress: Zara (recent) / Jacket (old, similar here) / Boots: Target (similar here) / Sunglasses / Purse: Kate Spade (similar here)

Ever since I spotted this Zara dress a few weeks ago I’ve just been dying to wear it. Luckily, this past weekend we had some great warm weather, so I pulled it out and paired it with my favourite leather jacket. I love how easy this dress is. It has long sleeves and is oversized so it’s the perfect dress to just toss on and go. It can make a great swimsuit coverup at the pool or beach, but can also be styled with a belt and flats to create a more pulled together outfit. I loved wearing it with my leather jacket and black boots to create a relaxed masculine meets feminine look. Hopefully the warm weather is here to stay so that I can reach for this dress more and more! Happy Tuesday friends, I hope you all had a great weekend!

Casual Black And White Layers

casual black and white-12 casual black and white-13casual black and white-21casual black and white-14casual black and white-19casual black and white-16casual black and white-17casual black and white-18casual black and white-15casual black and white-20
Jacket (old, similar here) / Scarf: Zara (similar here and here) / Jeans: Zara / Purse: Kate Spade (similar here) / Shoes (similar here) / Sunglasses

We arrived back from Florida late last Monday, but ever since then I’ve felt a little out of the loop. Anyone else find this when they return home from a trip? I find it takes me some time to really get back in to the swing of things. I think it didn’t help that I had a long list of errands to run and to do list items to check off. Luckily, I was able to devote a good part of last week to finishing my to do list just in time for the long weekend. I’ve been living in this combination of layers these past few days. It’s definitely one of my more comfortable outfits, and these shoes are perfect for slipping on and running out the door. Another favourite of mine is my new Kate Spade bucket bag that was so kindly gifted to me as an early birthday present from Matt’s parents. I’ve been searching high and low for a bucket bag over the past year. So, when I came across this one in Florida I instantly fell in love. I definitely think it will be my go to bag over the next while since its so easy to carry around (this is why I love cross body bags), but it also has a ton of room!

Blue On Blue

blue on blue-12

blue on blue-13

blue on blue-18

blue on blue-15

blue on blue-11

blue on blue-20

blue on blue-14

blue on blue-17

blue on blue-16

blue on blue-19
Coat: Gap (old, similar here) / Sweater (on sale!) / Skirt: H&M (old, similar here and here) / Shoes: J.Crew (old, similar here) / Purse / Bracelet / Lips: Urban Decay Lip Pencil in Turn On

Before the temperatures dipped back below 0°C, there was a few warm sunny days that I took full advantage of! I tossed my winter coat and boots aside and opted for my light trench coat and flats (finally!). Honestly, there is nothing better than putting flats on and walking out the door. I put my favourite J.Crew flats on with my all time favourite skirt, because I mean who doesn’t love a polka dot skirt? I also picked up this blue sweater, which might look familiar since I’ve worn it in white (last seen here) a few times on the blog. But when I saw that the sweater was on sale for $7 I just couldn’t resist buying it in a few other colours! I’ve said it before but honestly this is the perfect sweater for pairing with skirts and high wasted jeans. Hopefully the temperatures will climb back up over the next few days and I can go right back to flats, skirts and light layers! Here’s hoping!